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Allwood is always on the look-out for new pallet re-use ideas. This one was submitted by a happy customer. How about growing your very own PALLET GARDEN?


Here are some super easy directions:

1. arrange some similar-sized pallets in a neat stack

2. fill the stack with potting soil / topsoil

3. insert your starter plants or seeds

4. water!

The pallet boards keep your rows neat and act like a natural barrier to moisture loss, keeping plants healthy.


This neat gardening idea will save your legs and back! No more bending or crouching to pull weeds and plant. Standard pallets are approximately 5" in height. So, a stack of 6 or 7 pallets will create the right working level for the average person. Adjust to your preferred height by adding or removing a pallet.


An additional benefit of this neat gardening trick includes keeping your tender plants up off the ground, away from nibbling visitors. Also, arranged in a row, multiple pallet garden stacks form a perfect "fence" to delineate any boundry.



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