We specialize in all wood recycled pallets. Standard and odd sizes are available on-site for immediate delivery.

Custom size pallets made to order to your specifications.

FREE delivery is available on most orders to most locations in the Central Florida area. Small orders and outlying areas will incur a delivery charge. Please ask when ordering.

Salvaged Wood Boards

Salvaged wood boards are great for a wide variety of uses . Some ideas include the construction of small wood items such as rustic birdhouses or garden fencing . Some customers request specialty wood boards such as mahogany, cherry and maple, with which to construct fine wood inlaid items - please note that specialty woods are limited in quantity. Another use that has become quite popular is the use of salvaged wood boards for decorative architectural applications such as accent walls.

Regardless of the application, our salvaged boards are:

- 100% pesticide free , with no harmful preservatives or chemical colorants - making them safe for interior uses, and

- 100% post consumer recycled wood , making them environmentally friendly.

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Garden Furniture

We design and build a variety of garden furniture, planter boxes and other objects from all natural, 100% post-consumer recycled wood.

These items are for decorative purposes to enhance your plantings and provide a focal point for the garden observer.

Custom items are available upon request. Give us an idea and we will design / produce a garden object that you will be sure to love.



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